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Bike routes Pag

The island of Pag is a unique island and one of the longest islands in our beautiful Croatia. The island is filled with natural beauties of untouched nature, stonewalls and stones.

The bike routes have been woven into the entire landscape of the island of Pag. Along with the marked bike routes, there are many routes suitable for riding with this healthiest means of transportation.

Possibility of renting a bicycle for the whole family in Mandrice

The island of Pag bicycle routes

The island of Pag bicycle routes

Route 1

Staza 1Vodice (Pag beach) - Sv. Jerolim (St. Jerome's) - Gajac - Škunca (Novalja) route Route Lenght: 18 600 m

Route 2

Staza 2”Salty route” - Route Lenght: 6 930 m

Route 3

Staza 3”Stari grad (the Old town) - Košljun” route - Route Lenght: 6 930 m

Route 4

Staza 4”The bird” route (Velo blato) - Route Lenght: 5 700 m

Route 5

Staza 5”Smokvica” route - Route Lenght: 7 000 m

Route 6

Staza 6”Prutna” route - Route Lenght: 7 600 m

Route 7

Staza 7”Cape Dubrovnik” route - Route Lenght: 4 800 m

Route 8

Staza 8 ”Šimuni - Girenica cove” route - Route Lenght: 4 500 m

Route 9

Staza 9”Kolan” route - Route Lenght: 2 500 m

Route 10

Staza 10 ”Stone - pit” route - Route Lenght: 10 500 m

Route 11

Staza 11”Novaljsko polje” route - Route Lenght: 2 800

Route 12

Staza 12”Wine route” - Route Lenght: 4 400 m

Route 13

Staza 13”Caska-Metajna-Rucica canyon” route - Route Lenght: 13 200 m

Route 14

Staza 14”Novalja-Lun” route - Route Lenght: 20 000 m




From Mandre everyday there are organizied one-day excursions to the islands close by (Silba, Olib) as well as National Parks (Plitvička jezera, Kornati).

Zrce Beach
Zrce Beach

Zrce Beach

Only 20km from Mandrica is Zrce, a synonym for day and night parties on the beach for the young not only in Croatia but also from Europe.


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