Island Pag has a lot of marshy and sandy coastline which is a home to numerous marsh birds and some rare nesting bird species. There are three ornithological reserves: “Velo blato” and “Malo blato” located in Povljana and “Kolansko blato” located in Kolan.

Ornithological reserve Velo blato

Ornithological reserve Velo blato is a nesting place for endangered European species Montagu’s Harrier, Gadwall and Calandra Lark. The others species such as Grey and White Heron, Glossy Ibis, Great Crested Grebe, Black Coot, Little Grebe, Ferruginous Duck and Bittern. So far over 143 bird species have been spotted here. There are organized sightseeing tours and locations for birdwatching and photography. The tickets for the ornithological reserve can be bought at the tourist board Povljana.

Ornithological reserve Velo Blato: map location

Tourist board Povljana
Phone: +385 23 692 003
Address: Stjepana Radića 20, 23249 Povljana

Ornithological reserve Kolansko blato

Kolansko blato is a wetland area where over 163 bird species were spotted and 66 of those species were nesting birds. This ornithological reserve provides shelter to numerous bird species during the migration period. In this area, during the wintering and migration period birds come to feed on the abundance of fish and it represents a unique gem of biodiversity.

Ornithological reserve Kolansko blato: map location