To make your stay comfortable and to avoid possible misunderstandings, please familiarise yourself with our house rules. For all kinds of information you can contact the reception.

By confirming your reservation and/or by starting to use accommodation you have agreed to and accepted all provisions of house rules, and obliged to obey them.

Violation of house rules can result in cancellation of reservation and charge of full price of stay, regardless of possible prior earlier departure.

  1. When coming into the accommodation object, all guests must hand the host their personal identification documents (passports or ID cards), for the purpose of registration of stay at Croatian Tourist board, and pay the complete bill in cash.
  2. The host will be at your service during your stay. The host is not obliged or responsible to organize free time and entertain guests.


3. If you have booked apartment/bungalow, please arrive after 15 h. If the guest arrives to the booked accommodation after 22 h, he/she is obliged to call the reception and announce the delay, in order to avoid not being greeted by the host, i.e. to avoid finding closed reception. Parking for one vehicle is included in the accommodation price. If guests arrive with more than one vehicle per accommodation unit, it is possible to park on our parking with extra payment, provided there is available room.
The number of guests for whom the apartment/bungalow is booked is written on the reservation confirmation. If you want to bring an extra person, that is possible only with host’s approval, and the guest is obliged to pay 10,00 € per day for this person.

4. The guests are kindly asked to vacate the apartment/bungalow before 10 h, allowing it to be cleaned and prepared for other guests. Staying longer means paying for one more day. The guest is obliged to leave apartment/bungalow in the same condition as he/she found it in – tidy and undamaged. If the apartment/bungalow is left messy, we keep the right to charge extra cleaning in the amount of 30,00 €.

5. Functional keys must be returned after the stay is finished. Accommodation of pets (dog, cat) is paid 6,00 € per day and It is allowed to bring pets only with host’s consent .

6. It is forbidden to walk pets without leash and to take them to the beach and swimming. It is not allowed to bring pets without prior announcement in reservation and without host’s consent, and in that case the hosts has the right to cancel accommodation .

7. In Mandrice it is allowed to drive a car at a max. speed of 10 km/h .

8. If the guest owns a vessel, it is not permitted to drive it less than 300 m from the shore .

9. Consumption of water and electricity, dishes, linen and kitchen cloths are included in the price .Towels are not included in the price. Please bring you own towels. Using the washing machine for cloths is charged 60,00 kn.

10. It is allowed to dry laundry and cloths only on driers predicted for such purpose .

11. Apartment host does not approve using your own sunbeds .

12. The host is not responsible for guest’s property nut will do anything in his/her power to warn the guest of possible dangers. It is mandatory to lock doors and close windows when leaving apartment/bungalow. Do not leave valuables in your car. The host is not responsible for any kind of theft of things from the car. Guests are responsible for their behaviour in apartment/bungalow in tourist resort Mandrice, and in case of an accident they must bear the consequences themselves.

13. Guests are responsible for keeping their apartment/bungalow clean. The host is not obliged to clean after guests, or to take their garbage out. Please, take the garbage out of your apartment/bungalow every day, and place it in containers.
It is also forbidden to throw waste into the toilet, lavatories and other places not predicted for such use.

14. It is not allowed to smoke in apartment/bungalow. Smoking is allowed only outside. We kindly ask the smokers not to leave cigarette ends in or around the house, for safety purposes (avoiding fire).

15. The host delivers linen every 7 days and the guest is obliged to replace it himself/herself, and leave used linen in the same basket as he/she found the clean linen.

16. The host can enter the object without presence of the guest in cases when there is reasonable doubt the object or property of the guest are jeopardized, or when the hosts suspects the guest isn’t obeying house rules.

17. It is not allowed to bring weapons, narcotics, inflammable and explosive matter, matter with strong and unpleasant odour, or any kind of electric appliances into the object without host’s consent. This rule does not apply to electric appliances for personal hygiene .

18. During their stay the guests can use all appliances in the object. The guests are given instructions to use appliances inventory and devices, and are obliged to handle them with care. If installations, furniture, appliances or inventory go missing or are damaged, the guest is obliged to inform the host and make up the value of missing or damaged things. If the guest notices any kind of damage to installations, appliances or inventory shortly after coming into object for the first time, after checking in at the reception, he/she is obliged to notify the host in order to avoid possible future misunderstandings. If the host determines installations, furniture, appliances or inventory are missing or are damaged, after the guest checks out and leaves Mandrice, the host will seek damage from the guest through court .

19. In case of a malfunction on equipment or appliances in the object, please immediately notify the host, who will try to resolve the malfunction as soon as possible .

20. It is not allowed to move furniture between rooms and to take internal equipment into another accommodation unit, outside the house of to the beach (kitchen chairs to the terrace, cooking and eating appliances into another unit, blankets to the beach) unless approved by the host .

21. During their stay the guests can use external barbecue, but they have to buy coal themselves. We also kindly ask you to be cautious when handling the barbecue and make sure the ember doesn’t fall outside the barbecue and cause fire .
Time between 23 and 08 h is night peace time. We kindly ask the guests not to make noise during that period.

22. Please take care of rented furniture, turn off electric appliances and close the water taps before you go out. Especially don’t leave the air-condition on if you are not in the apartment, and don’t use it while door and windows are open. Please close all parasols, windows and doors in order to avoid damage in case of a storm of draught .

23. Guests who are not registered are not allowed to stay in apartment/bungalow. Visitors are allowed only with host’s consent. Visitors are also obliged to buy a daily ticket at the reception.

24. Accommodation will be cancelled to guests who don’t obey the house rules. In case this happens, the guest will be charged for total amount of booked period, regardless of shorter stay. If you decide to end your stay earlier, you are obliged to pay for the full reservation. The host keeps the right to cancel accommodation to guests at any time due to technical reasons .

25. You can tell your complaints, wishes and compliments to the host at the reception, which is available to you every working day between 08 and 22 h.raught .