Museum and House of Salt

Island Pag is a home of the only ecological saline on the Adriatic – Saline Nin, where salt is still gathered by man. The specifics of this Saline is its biodynamic ecosystem based on the diverse wildlife and healing mud, located far away from industries and modern technology.

The entire Saline is a unique Museum of Salt that will set you off to the journey through centuries of salt production and its impact on the lives of local people. During the tour in the museum, you can see how the production of the natural ecological salt looks like and discover how people used to live on island Pag. MORE

Olive Gardens of Lun

At the northern side of the island Pag, in the small settlement, Lun lies a hidden gem of nature where you can see millennia old olive trees. Due to its unique botanical value, the Olive Gardens of Lun is protected as a botanical preserve from 1963. Different sorts of wild olive trees have been growing here at the 24 hectares of the land defying the strong wind that locals call “bura”.

Away from urban places, Olive Gardens are a place where one can enjoy in peace and fascinating scenery of millennia-old olive trees that make their way among the old drystone walls. MORE


Ancient Aqueduct – Talijanova buža

Ancient Aqueduct, also known as Talijanova buža, is a remarkable underground historical monument that dates from the 1st century when Romans inhabited the area of island Pag. The stone carved aqueduct has supplied the town Novalja with water from nearby fields and today it stands as an extraordinary monument of ancient times.

This impressive stone carved aqueduct is 1.2 km long and it`s entrance is located inside the Town Museum of Novalja. MORE