Island Pag features plenty of rocky mountaineering trails and remarkable historical and natural sights and attractions. The highest peak of the island Pag is a St. Vid at 348 m. The peak is known for a breathtaking view of the nearby islands and Velebit National Park, as well as for the remains of the old St.Vid church from the 14th century.

There are several walking and hiking trails that will lead you to St.Vid peak, but before you start your climb bear in mind that the paths are very rocky, especially on eastern parts, and that there is no drinking water. It would be wise to carry suitable shoes, bottle of cold water, suitable clothing, hat and sunscreen.

Hiking path: Kolan – St. Vid

Duration: 1 h and 15 min

This path leads from the place Kolan to the highest peak of the island Pag – St.Vid. The rocky paths with the old stone walls and the beautiful view of nearby island and crystal clear sea will lead you to St.Vid were you`ll find the remains of the old church St.Vid from the 14th century.



Hiking path: Kolan – Dubrave

Duration: 1 h and 45 min

This path will lead you from Kolan up to the St.Vid peak and from there to the downhill area up to the remains of oak and hornbeam forest Dubrava – that once covered the entire island Pag. This path will take you along the beautiful coastline of Pag bay and Novalja.